Team Profile: Bardsey

Games PlayedWinLossWin RatioForm Guide
Country ( World Champs)29
Country (England )64
Region (£5000 UK National Champions League)48
Region (Leeds & District)4
Region (Previous World Champs Events)28
Major Trophies Won
Minor Trophies Won
Runner Up: North & West Yorkshire (2012)

Batting Details

Current Players
PlayerWorld RankingInnsNORunsAveBFSR50's
Jack Walkden57425847427.882259183.0123
Sameer Manjrekar7214120137265.333940145.95716
Tom Franklin144023770444.000413170.4607
James Wainman161912545164.429230196.0875
Eddie Clayton291113751585.833356144.6636
Cory Gilmore299224654130.056404133.9113
Matthew Wells4111301345326.647322140.6832
Matt Ansell42467122136.833135163.7041
Henry Wainman5582291136520.278242150.8261
Josh Hughes6583231223721.545167141.9160
Steve Bowes738854244244.000165147.8793
Jack Carr77196214636.50093156.9890
Oliver Coomes14914515112.75033154.5450
Gareth Platt15281112566.2225994.9150
Joe Milner15544515914.75040147.5000
William Beddard18775716611.00058113.7930
Rory Kelly259452188.0001172.7270
Chris Malthouse274831088.0006133.3330
Past Players
PlayerWorld RankingInnsNORunsAveBFSR50's
Umar Yaquoob48327970339.056422166.5886
Azyan Khan109232896840.333575168.3485
Qaisar Hameed252323659334.882329180.2437
Rhizwan Ali481616718420.444142129.5770
Shaan Khan95768416441.000109150.4591
Paul Franklin18821102323.0009255.5560

Bowling Details

Current Players
PlayerWorld RankingInnsOversRuns offWktsBest FiguresAveEcon
Josh Hughes8033103697313/1222.4846.767
Henry Wainman28437122.2828344/2024.3536.765
Matthew Wells10102463.2528182/829.3338.328
Gareth Platt19422166500174/2429.4127.576
Sameer Manjrekar214940131.1877303/1229.2336.684
Cory Gilmore38741949.3354234/2415.3917.137
James Wainman66891241.1235133/418.0775.704
Oliver Coomes774282621462/3235.6678.231
Eddie Clayton82671345308114/2228.0006.844
Tom Franklin1375571712852/1625.6007.529
Jack Walkden170745118511/1585.0007.727
Chris Malthouse17468141911/1919.0004.750
Matt Ansell24681366300/130.00010.500
William Beddard24955722.216273/1423.1437.232
Steve Bowes25214121300/130.0006.500
Past Players
PlayerWorld RankingInnsOversRuns offWktsBest FiguresAveEcon
Azyan Khan40031101.4596273/1022.0745.855
Rhizwan Ali5582070454223/1220.6366.486
Umar Yaquoob9622892527192/1527.7375.728
Shaan Khan6281826.3169112/715.3646.353
Qaisar Hameed8013102317562/1529.1677.609
Jack Carr29335111000/100.00010.000

Major Titles World Ranking Points

DateTitleDescriptionPointsAdjustmentAdjusted Points
No major trophies won

Fixture History

DateResultScoreOppositionVenueLeagueSeasonGradeWR Points
07-Sep-14L101 - 105Abby's DinerEngland Champions LeagueYorkshire Champions League2014B Grade-3 *
07-Sep-14W144 - 140Hessle HammersEngland Champions LeagueYorkshire Champions League2014B Grade17 *
31-Aug-14L158 - 193Royal Strikers LeedsLeedsLeeds & District Premier Finals - Group B (Leeds 2014)2014A Grade-1
28-Aug-14W146 - 142Choudhry'sLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade19
17-Aug-14L153 - 154TaurusLeedsLeeds & District Premier Finals - Group A (Leeds & Bradford 2013)2014A Grade-1
06-Aug-14L176 - 189RandstadLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade-1
01-Aug-14W192 - 189Tigers CCLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade19
29-Jul-14W146 - 143Cheshire WarriorsLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade19
06-Jul-14W195 - 144Chad PowerLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade21 *
02-Jul-14L114 - 167TaurusLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade-3 *
25-Jun-14W100 - 97Boom Afridi BoomLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade21 *
18-Jun-14W189 - 177Yorkshire StallionsLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade19
11-Jun-14W108 - 25New WortleyLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade21 *
30-May-14W171 - 170Royal Strikers LeedsLeedsLeeds Premier League2014A Grade19
02-Sep-13L171 - 202Attitude XIWC GreenWorld Champs UK Green Group KO2013World Champs-1
01-Sep-13W158 - 155Continental Star CCWC GreenWC Green G Group2013World Champs21
01-Sep-13W159 - 95Old ArrackWC GreenWC Green G Group2013World Champs23 *
26-Aug-13W193 - 124Chad PowerLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (Jul-Aug)2013A Grade21 *
26-Aug-13L177 - 182TaurusLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (Jul-Aug)2013A Grade-1
22-Aug-13W114 - 113Boom Afridi BoomLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (Jul-Aug)2013A Grade21 *
15-Aug-13W50 - 0East LeedsLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (Jul-Aug)2013A Grade21 *
08-Aug-13W183 - 134Thorner OccasionalsLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (Jul-Aug)2013A Grade21 *
26-Jul-13W158 - 161Royal ParkLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (Jul-Aug)2013A Grade19
28-Jun-13W177 - 120Royal ParkLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (May-Jun)2013A Grade21 *
23-Jun-13W112 - 108Boom Afridi BoomLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (May-Jun)2013A Grade21 *
17-Jun-13W195 - 135Thorner OccasionalsLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (May-Jun)2013A Grade21 *
14-Jun-13W149 - 103East LeedsLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (May-Jun)2013A Grade21 *
07-Jun-13W143 - 122WetherbyLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (May-Jun)2013A Grade19
31-May-13W208 - 140Team RajasLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (May-Jun)2013A Grade21 *
17-May-13W149 - 123TaurusLeedsLeeds & Bradford Premier League (May-Jun)2013A Grade19
23-Sep-12L65 - 67TaurusEngland Champions League£500 England National Plate2012 - 4th QuarterB Grade-1
23-Sep-12W89 - 42Bromborough PenguinsEngland Champions League£500 England National Plate2012 - 4th QuarterB Grade17 *
22-Sep-12L138 - 143UBSEngland Champions League£2000 England National Champions League 2012National Champs-1
09-Sep-12L121 - 123TaurusEngland Champions LeagueNorth & West Yorkshire2012A Grade-3 *
02-Sep-12W179 - 124Royal ParkEngland Champions LeagueNorth & West Yorkshire2012A Grade21 *
30-Aug-12D50 - 50Thorner OccasionalsLeedsLeeds Premier League Regional Qualifier2012A GradeNA
23-Aug-12W50 - 0Royal ParkLeedsLeeds Premier League Regional Qualifier2012A Grade21 *
16-Aug-12W213 - 51CookridgeLeedsLeeds Premier League Regional Qualifier2012A Grade21 *
23-Jul-12L143 - 148TaurusLeedsLeeds Premier League2012A Grade-1
01-Jul-12W112 - 88Team RajasLeedsLeeds Premier League2012A Grade21 *
01-Jul-12W156 - 93East CountyLeedsLeeds Premier League2012A Grade21 *
29-Jun-12W124 - 123Royal ParkLeedsLeeds Premier League2012A Grade19
24-Sep-11L124 - 150Team ManchesterEngland Champions League£2000 England National Champions League 2011National Champs-1
11-Sep-11W115 - 113Neston ShrimpersEngland Champions League£2000 England National Champions League 2011National Champs20
11-Sep-11W154 - 103Barclays Cricket ClubEngland Champions League£2000 England National Champions League 2011National Champs22 *
29-Aug-11L127 - 181Royal ParkLeedsLeeds Premier League2011A Grade-3 *
29-Aug-11W181 - 69Horsforth Hall ParkLeedsLeeds Premier League2011A Grade21 *
25-Aug-11W127 - 125Horsforth Hall ParkLeedsLeeds Premier League2011A Grade21 *
16-Aug-11W170 - 65Royal ParkLeedsLeeds Premier League2011A Grade21 *
11-Aug-11W212 - 75Symington's SledgersLeedsLeeds Premier League2011A Grade21 *
05-Aug-11W65 - 62Chad PowerLeedsLeeds Premier League2011A Grade21 *
29-Jul-11W172 - 162East Keswick EaglesLeedsLeeds Premier League2011A Grade19
Highlighted games count towards world rankings
* Bonus points added or subtracted for 20% win or loss

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